CRM Conference Review Manager

Abstracts and Manuscript Management

2019: Vers. 2.1
Conference Review Manger contains everything you need to manage conference abstract and manuscript submissions. Some of the features and benefits of CRM for your conference...
HostingWe manage the hosting and installation
Technical SupportProvided by the CRM software development team
File UploadUsers upload their PDF and Microsoft Word documents
Email NotificationsAuthors, Reviewers, and Editors are automatically emailed
Review AssignmentAbstracts and Manuscripts can be assigned by the Editor for Peer Review
Abstract ReviewAbstracts can be sent back to the author for changes
Manuscript ReviewEach version of the manuscript is stored and tracked
Manuscript KeywordsAuthors assign keywords to their papers
Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA)Authors can upload a signed CTA form
Password ResetAuthors can automatically reset their password via email: All passwords are encrypted
Copyediting ReturnManuscripts can be returned to the author for further copyediting even after initial acceptance
Search Functions
Information Statistics
Review Statistics
Author Information
Tracking of Editor Reviews
Table of Contents Generator
DOI Generator
Author, Reviewer, and Editor workspaces
Administrator Facilities
Payment Recording
Send to PrinterSend finalized manuscripts to a publisher
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